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God has for you?

Consider inviting Michael Epperson, Mind, Body, Eating Coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor, to walk with you in this season of adventure and discovery!

Michael Epperson

Hi, my name is Michael Epperson.


I know what it’s like to walk in God’s will, in a relationship with Him and I know what it’s like to walk parallel to that relationship with Him because of my own destructive and restrictive mindsets and the hazards faced by continuing to walk in my own understanding.


I lost a marriage, a business, and relationship with my daughter, that I am still rebuilding—all because I reacted to life instead of interacting with life according to God’s design.


Things and events in our lives mold and shape us. Our bodies gather information and teach themselves how to survive in an attempt to keep us safe, to keep us alive.


Sometimes these learned behaviors are established at a very early age.


Have you ever felt fear, anger, sadness, or thought: “I’m stupid, not good enough, insecure, threatened,” or just had the feeling that people were against you, and you couldn’t do anything right?


Me too, a lot!


Oh, the years the locust have eaten!


But God is our Redeemer, and He gives us back those years—maybe not literally—but what if you had the ability to reframe it all, to look through the lens of God’s grace and mercy in your life?


What if you could release, do away with, utterly destroy those old mindsets that have kept you from God’s peace and the feeling of being loved, cherished and a respected man of God throughout your life?


Through the tools we use with Satisfied Heart Ministries, and the certifications I have earned as a Mind, Body, Eating Coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor, I can help you learn new ways to help you release those old mindsets. In the past, these thought patterns struggled to keep you safe, but now they might keep you from being who God truly created you to be, His child, loved, cherished, and living in His will, grace and mercy bought by the blood of His Son, our Messiah.


God wants nothing more than to have an intimate relationship with each of us. More times than not, it is those old “protective” mindsets that stand in the way of us accepting that love He is already showering over us.


God designed us for intimacy, security, and significance, and when we go against His design, our flesh turns to counterfeit and compulsive behaviors, instant gratification—the next quick fix.


When the time is right, and you are ready to stop chasing the false intimacy, false security and false significance this world has to offer, and you’re ready to set these thoughts aside and try to look from a different view—God’s view—and work on taking on the mind of Christ, I can help you see your way through the mirey clay that clouds who you are in Christ. You can realize the power of Christ in your life and draw into a closer relationship with God.


As you gain a closer relationship with Him, you will find yourself being a better, husband, father, and have a willingness to walk and remain in the will of God.


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